The Guangdong Society of Entomology

  The Guangdong Society of Entomology was established in 1936 by a group of entomologists who returned to China and worked in Guangdong including Professor Zhang Jubo. After several generations of scholars' hard work, the Guangdong Society of Entomology has a strong, distinctive, united and hard-working team of entomological science and technology workers, and has become an important part of the national entomology science and technology team. The society is registered in law and is composed of the technological workers from scientific research, teaching or other departments who engaged in entomology in Guangdong Province. It is an academic social organization. The society is affiliated to the Institute of Zoology, Guangdong Academy of Sciences (formerly the Guangdong Institute of Entomology), and the responsible unit is the Guangdong Science and Technology Association. It is also a group member of the Chinese Entomological Society and receives relevant guidance. There are 582 members, 19 group members, and 36 directors. The director is researcher Han Richou from the Institute of Zoology, Guangdong Academy of Sciences, and the secretary-general is Professor Lu Yongyue from South China Agricultural University. The purpose of the society is to unite entomologists, promote the integration of discipline development and economy, serve for the construction of socialist material and spiritual civilization in Guangdong Province and our country, and contribute to the acceleration of our country's socialist modernization.
  Business Scope:
  1. Carry out domestic and foreign academic exchanges in entomology, promote the development of disciplines, popularize scientific knowledge, spread scientific spirit, ideas and methods, and promote advanced technology;
  2. Edit and publish related academic journals and books in the field of entomology;
  3. Put forward suggestions for the development of Entomology in terms of technological strategies, policies and major issues related to the development of the national economy;
  4. Accept the entrustment and organize the demonstration of entomological science and technology projects and the identification of scientific and technological achievements;
  5. Recommend outstanding talents and commend members and entomologists who have made outstanding achievements in scientific and technological activities;
  6. Recognize membership qualifications and conduct continuing education and training for members and entomologists;
  7. Reflect the opinions and voices of members and entomologists, and safeguard the legitimate rights of members;
  8. Develop non-governmental scientific and technological exchanges and develop friendly exchanges with scientific and technological organizations and workers all over the world;
  9. Organize various undertakings and activities to serve members and scientific and technological workers.
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