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Liao Bing and his fellows came to research
July 6 , Guangdong Provincial Academy of Sciences Party Secretary , Dean Liao Bing .Vice president Liu Min led the various departments of the authorities to the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Biological Resources Research. more...
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 The GIABR Held the 7.1 Party Meeting 2017-07-23
 The GIABR Carried Out Fire Safety Training 2017-07-23
 Liao Bing and his fellows came to research 2017-07-23
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 New progress in the study of the impact of snow d... 2017-07-23
 The researchers participate in the Fifth World Ec... 2017-07-23
 The GIABR and Foshan Anzeze company build biologi... 2017-07-23
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 Guangdong Province Wildlife (inse...
 South China Wildlife Identificati...
 Brief Introduction of Key Laborat...
 Pesticide Efficacy Test Institute
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